Is a Colorized Keyframes Addon possible?

Hi there coding gurus,

My partner asked me if there’s a way to change the color of some keyframes in the timeline (or even the dopesheet) in order to mark the ones which are key, breakdown or inbetween poses.

It would be very useful for the animator’s workflow have an addon/script to do this. Recently Maya added a feature to mark only with one color keyframes in the timeline and also there’s a script for totally customize any keyframe color.

What do you think about it? Might it be possible? How simple/difficult it would be? I mean both options, the one color feature or the any color one.

Thanks in advance!

It does look like you can make those changes in the theme settings. But I have only experienced keyframes being one color.


What I mean is changing the color of only some keyframes. Think about marking a keyframe as inbetween like marking a keyframe as green, for example. So that “marked” keyframe is always green while the rest are still yellow or another color.

You can see what I mean at the very beginning of this video:

That is the most flexible way, but an option that only marks some keyframes in only one color would be useful as well.

They can be changed already – select the keys in the dopesheet. Press “R” and select the type of keyframe they are. This is purely cosmetic, so that you can see at a glance keyframes vs breakdown vs jitter etc. It doesn’t change the interpolation or anything .


OMG daren. Thank you! I’ve searched things about color but nothing about “keyframe type”!

Thanks again!