Is a system like Genesis (Daz3d) possible with Blender?

For those not familiar with it, Daz has a system for creating and rendering almost photo-real humans with a huge amount of detail and variation. This system has the following basic features:

  1. Generic but fully rigged base model such as Genesis 8 Male (can’t imagine this not being possible)
  2. The ability to create self contained “character” files that modify the base to create the high detail characters like “Dave” and “Brian” - these files are more or less fairly similar to .blend files
  3. The ability to create self contained pose packages that can be applied to models, again stored in Daz’s version of .blend files.

I only have experience with Blender and Daz, but I am curious, with all the functionality of Blender, why something similar does not seem exist in the Blender ecosystem. Is it that this is something unique to Daz because its what Daz is built for, and nothing else could support? Or is this a common thing in 3d applications but there a technical limitation in Blender? Or is it simply that nobody has done it yet, or has felt it wouldn’t be profitable?

Daz was created with the very specific purpose of posing and clothing figures. They created marketplaces to sell items to end users. Blender and other 3d programs were created for people to build from scratch. They were built for people to provide the content Daz users purchase.

Daz and Poser users have traditionally been bashed for not creating their own content but recently I think, pros have embraced the idea of saving time by using and modifying premade content. There is no agreed apon figure to develop for, no standardized sizing, and Blender doesn’t have a robust library system to easily add content.

The closest thing I know of is the addon MB lab. It’s well worth checking out since you can save modified characters,expressions, and poses. You’ll have to create those things yourself though.

The problem is that it would have to be some sort of addon system. I’m sure it would be possible in some way, but it would be much harder to integrate into Blender than make as a standalone program with only that one task in mind.

Makehuman and Manuellab addon go someway towards this - but Daz is software with a very specific focus.