Is an icosphere the best solution we have these days?

Is there an better solution than an icosphere to evenly distribute faces with the same area on a sphere?
Dont matter if they are 3, 4 or n-sided polygons?

Have you tried the round cube option? Mesh > Round Cube then in Operator Presets: Quadrasphere

I find to try a better solution for this, the quad solution does not better than the icosphere.

Both have their poles, but the distribution looks better on the icoshpere.

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Thera are only five which fulfill you requirements. The platonic solids.


If anyone wondering- in add menu theres something called Geodesic Dome- and in options u can choose

4 face, 8 face, 20 face objects. and more…

I think theres tons of options- pretty sure theres everything there :smiley:


Neat, you have to enable the add on though: “geodesic dome”.

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I think mathematicians should be asked this interesting question. And it depends on the needs. Like for sculpting a UV sphere is, in my opinion, a must. And the icosphere is but an approximation of a sphere.