Is an Online Gaming program worth it?

Would it be worth it to make a game with Blender and make it online? Would it be worth all the trouble and constant updating?
(i’m gonna go a little off topic: If anyone has online video games, you know how fun it is to beat people online. :yes:)

How much work do you really have to go through?
Should i go for it? (in 2011, when i actually finish modeling the characters XD :spin:)

there is Bzoo, and brianH is doing some kind of template too.

I’d like to take a load off your back by modelling some things for you, like AI.

Depending on how good you want it to be, it could easily be hell. Especially if you think you can make it “with Blender”. Graphics are one of the less complicated bits of an online game.

But… there are already many great online game projects, that are making great progress technically, but would welcome more people capable of good graphics. Check out Worldforge and Vegastrike, for a start.

It’s probably not worth it. You’d have to create tons of content, work really hard and spend a lot of money to make sure the actual backbone worked right, and in the end you probably would not have enough players to make it worthwhile.

I’ll say you could do it only if you’re willing to do dedicated work for upwards of a year at the least.

If you don’t plan on being dedicated to making your game then might Isuggest a single player game.

Content aside; Networking is a whole world in itself.

That said: There are python frameworks that can be helpful (like “twisted” - google it), but even then it’s no cake walk.

Online games are natorious for being the most complicated games to make, mostly because you programming framework has to be completely different. You need to make essentially 2 different programs. One has to be server side and it deals with the packets sent from the client, it does all the calculations, keeps tabs on player id’s etc. then periodically (the time being determined by the type of game) it has to update all of the players.
The second program you have to make is the client side, which receives updates to show the player what the current game looks like, this part usually goes through 3 steps.
get updates
render changes
send updates.

keep in mind this all sounds a lot easier it is. Compound that with the fact that you need to send all you information back and forth as efficiently as possible, you really have a hard task ahead of you if you go through with this. I’d say make a few games. Once your to the point were you have
A. released a game or
B. worked on a released, successful game.
once you have done that, read up as much as possible on game networking hierachies and at that point you should be ready to start working on an online game.

PS. once you get to that point, don;t start trying with an MMO, try some small online game.