Is an Quadro K1200 good enough

I want to buy a new computer because my current computer is, when the faces in the viewport reach .5 to 1 million faces it starts to lag. So I went online to surch what to buy. People say the NVIDIA Quadro series are good if you want to have a good performing viewport, so I went to the NVIDIA site and saw that the said the Quadro K1200 is a gpu for “incredible 3d application performance”. I wonder if this is true and it has a smoothly viewport, and I can sculpt smootlhy on objects with half a million to a million faces, or will I need to buy a more expensive gpu?

Quadros are not good rendering cards unless you need the memory they come with, which also means lots and lots of $$. The K1200 has about the same power as a GTX480, which is really old. For about the same price you could get a GTX970 and have a card that is much more powerful for rendering. There isn’t going to be much difference in the display port performance between the two.

Do you mean the gtx 970 and the quadro or the gtx 480 and the quadro in viewport?

The Quadro and the 970.