Is Anybody working on smoke simulations for Cycles?

My question is exactly what you think it is, is anybody working a the proper nodes needed for smoke simulations?

Nodes for simulations? You don’t use nodes in simulations. Are you asking about materials? If you’re asking about material nodes, you’re probably asking about Cycles materials. Cycles doesn’t support volumetric rendering yet, so it’s no good for smoke right now. You’ll have to wait for a future release, or use an experimental build and suffer instability and long render times with the in-development version of Cycles that includes volumetrics. Or you can stick with Blender Internal for now.

At least, I assume that’s what you’re asking about. You seem to know what I think you’re asking, even though you haven’t clearly asked it. You should try to make your questions clear instead of expecting us to know what you’re asking.

Sorry I should have been more specific, yes that is what I was talking about. I just noticed that it wasn’t being listed as one of the main developments for 2.70, so I was wondering if anybody else was working on it.

Any of the built in features can be encapsulated inside a pynode. That does not improve it or add functionality, however.