Is auto-reassembling possible to reconstruct an object?

Hi all !

I’ve got an archaeological artifact 3D scanned using micro-tomography so even if it’s small (14.3 cm), its 3D rendering was given to me in 3 parts in order to get a really fine resolution.

So, now I need to reconstruct it.

Is there any automation possible for doing that in blender ? I mean some kind of “oh this topography looks the same, let’s overlay” kind of tool. Or do I need to do it all by hand ?

Here is a shot to show you what I mean :

Not sure about automation but did you try to REMESH it from the Sculpting Mode using a low voxel size?

what kind of import mesh do you have
it is a point density mesh ?

there are some ext soft that can build from point density to get mesh with faces !

happy bl

I’ve got 3 .stl files imported into a .blend file.
Keeping the voxel quality is essential in this job so I can’t lower it.

Uping the post in cass someone passing by has an idea :slight_smile:

Alignment based on topology is not something that typically offered in a poly modeling application.

This is typically done with scan data before it is meshed (triangulated).
I imagine your triangulated model would be sampled to points for each section, aligned, and then a new triangulated surface would be generated from the combined points.

Geomagic software can do this.

ok thanks for the tip, I’ll look up to it :slight_smile: