Is baking at 4x the resolution the only way to introduce AA?

Baking at two or four times the resolution for a desired texture takes a really long time, especially with a large number of assets. If not, the jagged edges are just too ugly. Are there any workarounds or tips you might share to help with this process - introducing AA into baked textures? Much appreciated…

Could you post an image of the problem you’re describing? If you’re talking about baking textures, I don’t think that should be an anti-aliasing issue, it’s more likely to be a UV map and margin setup issue. Make sure all your UV islands have enough space around them and set a decent margin px in the bake panel.

Adding AA would just do the same exact thing as rendering larger. If you’re using a proper margin, then edges shouldn’t be a problem either way.

Thanks guys. Yeah, like I said, rendering larger just takes too long.
One thing I’ve found out is that you can avoid jagged edges by not making round UV islands. UV squares addon helps with that.
I guess I just have to tweak the margin size a bit…

Just set margins to 64 and let Blender figure out the rest. It will automatically prevent margins from “leaking” into your UV islands.