Is Blender 2.28a a beta?

There is one feature in Blender 2.28a that I find particularly annoying. For some reason Blender keeps automatically saving open .blend files onto the root directory of my “C” drive. The files are saved under numeric names like 123, 2687, 4695, etc. Despite all that I have tried, I can’t seem to shut this feature off. I have pulled down the upper header and set the autosave options to “0” under the “versions” button dozens of times. Despite that I keep finding several .blend files on my “C” drive. This is starting to get on my nerve! Is this version of Blender still a beta?

no it is a bugfix version of 2.28…

Setting autosave to zero may save even more often than the default 4. I hav’nt tested this and don’t want to. Set it to the max 60 to save once an hour. Remember to save often though.


In the upper left corner of the auto save section of the control section is a button called “Auto Save Temp Files”. Just turn that off to stop it from saving temp files. I think that by setting versions to 0 you just reduced the number of copies saved. You could also turn the minutes up to reduce the amount that get saved.


Warning - the first time you forget to save a file or the electricity goes out and you didn’t save your long worked on project, then you will miss this feature. It has saved my bacon a couple of times. You can always delete these files on a regular basis.

There’s 2 auto-backup features in blender:

  • the “Versions” option that backes up overwritten blend files with extensions .blend1 .blend2 .blend3 etc
  • the “Auto Temp Save” that saves every so often (default 4 minutes) - you can set where they are saved with the bottom-right entry in File Paths

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