Is blender capable of this?

Look at some of this guys work. There is no doubt he is asian level talented. =) But why is it I’ve never seen anything that looks like this come from the Blender community? Is Blender capable of this? Don’t get me wrong. I see stuff from this community that blows my mind, and that I doubt I’ll ever have the skill or creativity to accomplish, but this stuff is different somehow. Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me?

Here’s a time saver: Any time you’re wondering “can this be done in Blender?” and it’s just modeling/rendering related, the answer is yes. There’s absolutely nothing preventing someone from creating works like those within Blender. Might other tools be better suited? Perhaps, but there is very little that Blender can’t do that another single package can (and quite a bit it CAN do that most other single packages can’t).

really, every render you can do it with Paint, the difference is the time you spend on it.

And blender is just a tool, powerful tool, but the artist is the difference, more important than any software

Here’s some light: the modeling work is nothing extraordinary. Monster heads and big muscular brutes are routine in any modeling program, including Blender. What this guy has done that is unusual is surface texturing. He’s taken pores and wrinkles that are usually more subtle, and made them a major surface feature. Set up a sculpt brush with a pore texture, and you can do it, too, although you may need to do it in sections or upgrade your ram.