Is Blender enough for a 3D mmog?

Hi all,

I want to make a mmog (how original !). I am quite a beginner with Blender but it seems a great tool for 3d interaction and design. However, for a mmog I will need lots of other features like 2d panels(to display information) and a good database system. Also, I intend to use sockets for networking, I’m not sure if that’s the best way but I feel most comfortable with them. I know that blender works hand in hand with python, are there any good tutorials for this interaction. Basically what I am getting at is whether blender is enough or I will need some additional tools.

ok, well i know nothing about this stuff really, but anyway…
blender would certainly be a good (best?) way to create 3d content for a game, but it’ll take a few months to learn it if you have no previous 3d experience.
for online stuff, you’ll need some other software probably

if anyone knows better, feel free to correct me :slight_smile:

I think there is no problem to do it.