Is Blender right for me?

I want to start making animated things and modelling, is the blender the best free software to use?

Yes it is.

Bearing in mind that posting in a Blender forum, the opinion is going to be heavily biased :p, but it’s almost established fact that in terms of free 3d software that animates and models, Blender is the best. Wings 3D is perhaps a slightly more powerful modeller, but that’s just a dedicated modeller, whereas blender’s a full featured all round package.

Ok, thanks, now to learn how to do stuff :smiley:

Take a look here for inspiration, made using the new sculpt mode (available, but not yet officially in Blender) is where I introduced myself with a similar question, which I think is answered, some reading of instructions to do now, and possibly some computer repairs,

Thanks alot!

At least doing it with Blender will eliminate the choice of warezing an application. Also, what you learn in Blender, usually applies to other programs as well, sometimes exactly and sometimes in the form of a feature with another name.

You can learn more faster about Blender than any other graphics package.

And to prove it, feel free to use the softbody models from this page:

When you download the file, just press ‘Alt + a’
and watch.

This is a template for gowns, using subsurface modeling and softbody.

The best way to learn is by doing.

Considering that if you’re turn your mind to it you can make it do practically anything, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: And if you can’t do something, there’s always an add-on somewhere.

Blender is missing a couple of modelling tools/features (just look at a 3DS MAX tutorial to find out), but most can be worked around very easily. The interface is quick, has some cool stuff like fluid simulations and softbodies (two very expensive features in most programs) and so, so much more!

<end advertising voice>

In Blender’s case, you get so much more than you pay for. So, yes, Blender is probably the best program for you.

You’re missing the Hair and Fur abilities Blender have. :slight_smile:

Blender is the absolute best overall free 3D application, and it’s better in some ways than certain commercial 3D applications.

If you want to learn to model and animate, Blender is good - you’ll get to do everything you want without spending US$1000 or more on Something Else.

That said, you might depending on the direction you go find it’s not ready for some fields - I’d not want to use Blender to crank out VFX for a CG FX-heavy film, for example (that’s when it’s time to cough up for Lightwave or such) - at least, in my current opinion.

Just my two pence worth! :wink:

Blender is good, and it is growing at a ripid rate. True, blender cannot do every thing that Maya and 3dsmax can do. And if it can do a feature it will do it blisteringly slow compared to the others. But, do you have an extra two grand lying around? didn’t think so. Oh, and when you’re in the open source community your family, which goes for the rest of the animation community in general. Its like a giant Olive Garden (teehee!)

The answer changes depending on whether you want to use professionally or not.

Versatile as Blender is, Blender is the perfect tool for independent productions and hobbyists. However, if you wanna go pro and become part of the industry, they don’t trust FLOSS enough yet (possibly because there’s only a handful of guys around providing support for it). If the latter is true, you should considering learning Maya instead – there’s a (limited) personal edition free for download for anyone to get started.

If you like software animated movies…you could do like the ‘Big Boys’ and get to that level with the talent that you have and lots of money or…you could do what has been done with Blender. Check out the short movie “Elephant Dreams”, if you haven’t already, and see the magic and beauty that can be had with this Free Open Sources software.

Ok, want more? Check out how the first EVER Open Sources move has done, using Blender that is!

One more thought…the program is free, just in case this got by you because I haven’t mentioned it somehow. And on top of all this, Blender heads love helping one another out!
I hope this is of help…and because it will cost you nothing…welcome to the community!