Is Chrome Browser and GMail getting slower ?

Hi there

out of curiosity did you guys experience a graduate slow down in Chrome performance and GMail load times in the past months? I have the feeling that somehow Chrome for example is getting rather slow with each new version they are releasing.

GMail itself once blazing fast seems now to be rather slow since GoogleTalk and Google+ etc has been embedded into the system.

I just notice that various google spying and spam servers are getting slower and slower often crippling pages to uselessness…

YES! Google chrome got so slow for me. Then it kept crashing. So I finally switched to Firefox which I thought was terrible, and it has been very fast.

As far as I know, there is no way to get chrome back up to speed. There are some tricks, but they are all temporary.

I can’t even load the recommended view for Gmail over here.

But if this is happening to Chrome as well, I can only wonder if they are trending to where they come out with a shiny new platform, then they haphazardly pile on features to the point where the code is bloated and unmaintainable.

If this also ends up happening to Android, then Google would be in a situation where they not only gave the browser and email market to competitors, but also give the smartphone market to iOS and Windows 8.

So all in all, Google could be slowly working its way towards a very precarious point due to their attempts at staying ahead of their competitors, even their recommended search feature will at times completely fail to take into account the characters I type after the first few letters. (in which I hope their search won’t become the same way O.o)

cek, aren’t you a mac guy? I’ve always found safari to be pretty fast, although personally I like firefox tweaked with a few addons. I don’t really get the appeal of chrome (unless there’s a checkerboard involved :wink: ).

man but I love checkerboards and chrome shaders !!!

actually what made me use chrome was that the taps are threaded. I initially found Safari and Firefox slower than Chrome but as it looks also for others Chromes user interface as well as GMails render performance drops significantly recently.

So well Safari it might be again hahaha.

Too bad Chrome did me a good service but it looks Google is just also overloading their web apps with too many HTML calls slowing down the responsiveness of those apps.

At the moment Firefox seems to have a good momentum - and with version 12 around the corner we can expect a severe boost in speed.

I am actually impressed that Google as the maker of chrome and great web apps is so much struggling in generating well performing interfaces when considering render speed.

Remove the addons from your Browser.

For me it’s firefox with the omnibar and adblock add-ons customized with text instead of icons. It is and always will be the best browser because it’s open source, it’s mature, has a huge user base, huge extension capabilities and above all it’s stable.

What I don’t like about chrome is the fact that downloads drop to the bottom of the browser window and take up screen estate. I’m on a laptop so that is just a no go.

I don’t know about speed but here, on Ubuntu Oneiric, it starts so many processes as to use 500 Mo+…

For me, chrome is still the fastest by far!