Is creating a GLSL based NodeTree possible?

I am really new to Blender and 3D in general, so still learning the of ropes. So, please don’t kill me if this has already been asked to death lol.

So, I was trying to learn some procedural shader, and found some nodes like tile sampler or blur not available in shader editor. I am sure you guys understand I am referencing Designer and trying to follow some tutorials and see if I can do it in Blender (among some other things). Then I spent a week down the rabbit hole of learning OSL and reading a bunch of codes from blender source code to animation-nodes source code (among some others). To my understanding, some things cannot be done in OSL. So, here is my question?

  1. Am I missing something and this can be done with existing functionality?
  2. Is it possible to create a custom NodeTree and use something like ModernGL to create those nodes?
  3. Does this functionality already exist in some add-on?

And finally, if it cannot be done, what are the limitations?

As I said, I am quite new to 3D. So I might not have the full grasp of things.

Hello @aikiorai I have posted a few designer alternatives here.

The tile texture is called brick and for blur there is this workaround.

Hey @MarioPeper, thanks for the quick reply.
Do you have any resources for how brick can be used for tiling? I have been breaking my head over that for a while. Specially if you want to do random scale/rotation etc.

There is an add-on called SCATTEr which is sorta thing I am looking for.

As for open source alternatives, I found 2 I liked, Texture Lab, and Material Maker. Both are very much in development. Texture Lab (Vue.js, THREE.js, WebGL) has more Designer feel, while Material Maker (Godot Engine) is more like Blender.

What I wanted to know is if similar thing is possible in Blender, I can try to write an add-on for it. And if something like this has been tried already. Otherwise, I can fork one of those repos, and work on that.

As described in the link I mostly use graph.ical because it has the fastest workflow. SCATTEr is from node guru Simon Thommes and like all his node groups very good. Yes, there have been some who wanted to bring GLSL into Blender, but it never worked out. Probably because there is always a workaround in Blender.
For example, if you want to have irregular textures, take this node group from the Blender guru.

But if you want to make an addon you are always welcome in the Blender community :wink: