Is CubeeCraft Copyrighted :D

Hello Everyone, :slight_smile:

I just got from some were those nice and good cubeecraft since I don’t know them before because we don’t have them in our City :(. But when I got some from Google Images I got like excited.

Now I got one question like are this thing copyrighted , If I want to do some kind of animation or game and use those cubeecraft in my project will it will illegal or not. I can also design my own models if it is necessary other than using those internet images.

Please let me know if I can use them and they are free to use or not. If you need more information than please let me know about this questions.

Thanks in advanced.:stuck_out_tongue:

Im not sure. Best to ask them.

Sounds almost like Minecraft and the characters seem to look like Minecraft characters. :spin:

The rule of thumb with copyright is: if someone’s published something, on the Internet, in a book, wherever, it’s copyrighted.

However, if you’re talking about the name CubeeCraft, that would be a trademark issue. If you see the registered trademark symbol (®) it’s registered.

Also, if you’re talking about the design, the idea of making paper-craft in this particular way (a folding paper toy that needs no tape to hold it together) that’s called registered design, design patent, or industrial design right, depending on which country you’re in. You can read more about it here.

Thanks J.F.Robot and Rontarrant for your help and reply,

No I mean to say that the CubeeCraft character or the style can be used by me or anyone or not. Like if I make a zombie or any other character I have in my mind, which looks like that cubeecraft, that means it will have a square head, stomach, hands and legs, will it be any kind of issue or not. :slight_smile:

Hope that you both understand me what I am talking and asking about.

Have you gone to the web site to find out what they say about all this? Why not just contact them? I’m sure they’ll be much better able to answer your questions accurately than anyone on here.

Thanks mate, I will also do that , will send a mail to them :D.

Another Decision :- I have also decided one more thing ,that I will make something new other than cubeecraft models now, because I know that I can do that so than why to take those models. :slight_smile: