is Cycles Cache BVH working for anybody?

I’m working on a project using cycles. My current scene has static geometry and camera movement.

I takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to create the BVH depending on the scene, but often only a second to render it.

So, I tried the Cache BVH feature.
However, it isn’t working at all. It rebuilds the BVH every single frame… so instead of rendering in minutes, I’ve got to wait hours for my scenes to complete.

If this feature worked, it could save me 20 hours of render time.

Does this feature work for anybody else? Maybe I’m just not doing it right.

Hmm…it seems to work using graphicall build r44219.

What version are you using?

Thanks a ton! I’m on 45xxx now and it’s working really well!! - although the image output feature in the compositing nodes is crashing it so far… i can probably do without that. for now.

This is going to save me hours and hours of wishing the feature would work.

Diudeee it works only for single frame… if you have animation use dynamic.

That’s why I said …

It works just fine if your geometry doesn’t get modified. All I’m moving is my camera, so bvh caching saves me tons of time.
I can also set it to dynamic AND caching and have one object in my scene animated and the rest static and use the same bvh cache. Again, saving me tons of time.

Just an update… I had this working on a scene 2 days ago. I modified the scene slightly, and now it’s rebuilding the cache every frame… taking 40sec to render instead of 5 per frame.

I haven’t got anything but my camera animated, so I have no clue why it’s not working.

Perhaps I should “lock” the camera’s ipo curves. <- this made no difference.

So, right now, it’d be faster for me to just snap screenshots of the “rendered” scene for each frame, and assemble them later. I just don’t want to do that for 1800 frames =)