is dLoc broke?

dLoc seems to work exactly like linear velocity. In the gamekit it says it adds the dLoc amount once per pulse from the sensor. I checked it and with the sensor pulses off the object keeps moving until a key is released. It seems to just be adding a linear velocity.

it doesn’t add to velocity

and it is framrate dependent

you want to use linV instead

It’s seems like a waste making it framerate dependent, especially because it’s not a constant value. I could set a timer and turn it off, but what to? I know it takes some time to register because if I turn it on and then turn it off on the next line it doesn’t activate. Position would be a bear if I had to calculate angles. I can use it right now, because I’m just working on the x/y planes.

Unrelated question. Any way to import our own modules into a script? I tried it with no luck to far.