Is downloading from blender market bad for anyone else this week?

Apologies in advance if this isn’t the right place for this discussion.

I had fun browsing the black Friday/Cyber Monday sale items on One of the two items I ended up purchasing was Glab and Aidy’s Space FX course.

…BUT, I’m having real trouble downloading these multi-gig zip files. I have managed to get the first one down but when I try and download the rest of the files, they fail due to ‘network error’.

One possibility is that their website is being hammered by people downloading their purchases?

Did anybody experience problems the last time they had a sale? Do I just need to be patient and wait a few days to let things calm down?

I did look for support on the site but could only find support for the individual products (and I don’t think Gleb and Aidy can help with download problems).