Is game making as a hobby a thing?

I’ve been learning Unreal 4 and I thought that I’d be pretty happy if I never sold a single game, only that it eventually wound up being playable, and I was wondering if any of you made games for fun since it seems fairly easy to make some nice ones for cheap?

Sure its a thing! I worked in the BGE for over a year, just for the fun of it (Because lets all face it… Its fun!) before I started learning ue4 and eventually selling games.

I love the bge :slight_smile:

I tried unreal game engine 4 and could not get a simple door to open and close with it’s with blueprints.The bge is lot easier to do that with.

will it all start,s with the fun, but it end,s with cash because you note,s how good you are in making game,s and how much people love it

I think most professional game designers start out doing it as a hobby. It’s not a job that you get into looking to become rich or famous (or if you do, you won’t get far)

It is not a thing - it is a behavior.

To be honest I do not get what you mean by “is … a thing” ;). Must be a translation issue.

I’m pretty sure he means “is it recognized as something that exists with an active crowd/fanbase?” It’s a pretty common phrase to say when one is unsure of current trends. For example: Are wet Brazilian gymnastics a thing that people do? Is advanced chicken parkour semifinals a thing that exists?

I don’t use BGE, Blender for me is about the render, but I understand where you’re coming from. Back in the day I made a couple of bob out of an Amiga game (even better, someone YouTube’d is in June this year, 25 or so years later), but in the end, I released as public domain. The driver was the fun creating it, not selling. If people enjoyed it, I was happy.

Thank you for providing this explanation.

In that case: I guess the game engine sub-forum speaks for itself :smiley: (and the forums of all the other engines).

From a commercial standpoint, the big problem with game-selling is that the public has become conditioned to the idea that games are free-of-charge or nearly so. You might get 'em to pay 99¢ for the thing … and then, yeah, they might “pay to play” for a little while. But the company that produces it … for as long as it survives … is forever starving for revenue.

Mobile games, yeah, but not everyone plays mobile. A lot of console games can even go up to 50-80 dollars each last time I checked. Also, the op said that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t sell a single game and only wants to do it as a hobby.

I do it as a hobby. I’ve been doing it since before it was mainstream. I’m about to leave because it’s too popular and no longer challenges me enough. I think education software is something that needs a lot more development and thought, and AI is an interesting field as well. Or maybe I’ll go into bookbinding or sword making. Who knows?

My advice for hobbies: Don’t pick things that are easy. Pick things that are challenging and fun. Make sure your hobbies allow you to learn.

Yes. It is a thing. I doing it as a hobby for a while. Starting with Domark 3d kit on a cga monitor and later move to Pie In The Sky game Engine. Then 3D RAD. Dark Basic. Jamagic (it went dead after birth). Torque (Garage Games).

These days I rarely do it (more on computer graphics), but I still have license to Game Maker Studio (via humble bundle) and installed Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

But these days I mostly dabble in clip studio and krita. Having just bought a wacom tablet few months ago.

I made 3 games for my nephews, because their folks wouldn’t let them play violent games, and all the good ones were violent. So I made my own versions and just avoided all the violent bits. One was a driving game I made in blender, the other two were 2D platformers, but they were a little more sophisticated than the typical ones. They loved them, and one of them ended up learning the game engine, and now he’s headed off to video game college to learn coding for games.