Is gamekit able to run all bge games?

  • Engine is written in C++ and the game logic can be done in C++, Lua scripting or logic bricks
  • Reads all data from Blender .blend files, with future FBX import planned
  • Free from viral licenses: only using components using MIT/BSD/Zlib style licenses

I have been looking at this,

and it would seem one could run BGE games in it almost directly,

Why not have this as a drop down selection ?

(like the game engine)


i dont think it does. im pritty sure that video textures dont work yet. there is an issues pagehere

It already exists:

Keep in mind. Gamekit doesn’t directly port all of bge’s functionality. Most logic bricks work fine. Python does not work at all. You have to do scripting with lua and gamekit’s own api. Many GLSL features like normal mapping don’t work directly either. You have to write a Ogre shader for most of those things.

90% of what I do is using logic, the rest is vector math, and rayCast() and apply forces, apply torque etc.

Porting to another language is not that big of an issue,

the issue is it runs on android,

but I am making a game to advance the BGE by getting paid devs in there,

Is it blasphemous to use a different engine to gain monetary support for another engine? :smiley:

I want to get blender games dominating the google play store, and large amounts of ad revenue going to develop the engine,

things like multi-threading, and RE-creating some of the “ancient code” to get the BGE up to par with commercial engines.


I’m pretty sure you need to know c++ to build android game on it but don’t quote me on that.

It may alleviate some of your concerns to know that the guy that started and regularly contributes to Gamekit is the same guy who created the majority of the BGE, Erwin Coumans. His intent with it was to create a game engine that worked closely with BGE.

it would seem that Alberto Torres is working on a html5 / C++ game engine as well, that will be fully compatible with blender…


Got a link?

I would love to see this html5 engine even if it’s still quite basic,

The engine itself is quite basic indeed, but it shines in the blender side. It supports armatures and shape keys calculated in GPU. I’m making tests to see if I can support realtime subsurf.

and the reason I love the BGE is the SCA+python system, and the integration directly into the 3d ap, and the community, and … well everything,

That’s the exact reasons I like it too. But I was very tired of the pain of debugging logic bricks and I wanted something more, and for that reason I used Gamekit for a long while, I did PyGamekit, been commiting improvements to GK (I even did a script for converting GLSL materials to ESSL although I didn’t publish it) until I decided to make a new engine from scratch. Especially since I started a Python-ish (dialect) to JS and C compiler (with inferred typing, which is now evolving to a new language better suited for realtime 3D dev).

if the BGE needs a re-write in some of it’s core, to be “competitive”
why not do it?

What is holding us back?

Why is bge “slow” ?
with multithreading and a few other tricks it should not be a problem to “divide and conquer”

Or am I missing something?

Any new engine that is written to replace BGE seems to lack other fundamental BGE features. I hope to solve that, though.

Also, it has now Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra support (and therefore the upcoming Sixense STEM).


No link yet, I am digging.

I am making things in the bge, worthwhile, and would like for them to be exportable to android. period.


I mean, what’s the benefit? If your game is really great, then it’s going to do fine on PC.

The game is free, and ad revenue based, so I need saturation, The game is written by the community. The idea is that most people play games when they can, and a fun game in your pocket… gets played.

The game is in its alpha stages, however some of the advanced features are still cooking… they work right now, but are still a little buggy,

If you wish to help stop on by, we could always use the help.

Btw I have over 1,000 downloads on my torque rig, and that is just a tech demo… a .blend not even published as a exe.

I think it’s a little too early to think about monetization and distribution strategies, since you don’t even have a complete product.

However, if you did have a complete game, and it was really amazing (as you seem to think), you wouldn’t have any problem making money on the PC, and you could use those earnings to pay someone for a mobile port, or to make an exporter, or whatever you wanted to do.

So, right now, you don’t need mobile distribution to actually make a good game (and money).

I offer programming services via Protoblend.

I know, I am thinking in long term

Goals right now

  1. Camera - X-ray to target - For cutscene “the launch”
  2. Animated texture for initial cut scene
  3. Finish logic node code and “snap” - (kevinC was working on this)
    4. Exporter
  4. Get Torque_Rig optimized (tricky) I am talking to a google robotics group about it
  5. Lod - done (thanks kupoman!)
  6. TorqueTrackTo - Done
  7. ForceMoveTo - Done
  8. MouseForce and MouseTorque - Done - (Thanks again Kevin!)

I have people working on assets, tech demos for most of what is going to be in game, benchmarks for current applications of tests, but in the long run, we are all learning on the project.

My GPU is down currently, so I am overseeing logistics,