Is Virus Infected

(cog) #1

Hi all,

Is it just me or is virus infected? AVG will not allow me to access the site saying ‘Exploit Link to Exploit Site (type 1317)’

Did a search but can find no one else having this problem.Is this a false positive?


(Gremriel) #2

Yeah, my AVG said the same, had to disable the Linkscanner in order to access the site.

(Big Fan) #3

Yes I’ve had this.
What happened to me was I noticed a small Java window popped up and then windows media player opened.
MS Security Essentials told me it had quarantined a trojan. I’m not going back until its clean.
BTW according to MS the trojan was a new variant only a day or so old so make sure your definitions are up to date.

(superx10) #4

Same here. NOD32 doesn’t block the site but I did get an error message saying “unable to open jarfile \\smb

(Yamyam) #5

Me too. I sent a mail to the admin about it, but no reply is returned yet…

(kernond) #6

Make sure the admin(s) at graphicall are notified.

@Yamyam: We posted at the same time. :slight_smile:

(EdgeLoop) #7

Same problem as mentioned above. Can anyone confirm if it’s safe or if there’s really a virus there somewhere?

(Uncle Entity) #8

Safe for linux boxen…

(cog) #9

Are you sure? :wink:

(Radscientist) #10

(Daniel8488) #11

It seems to be working now, I just downloaded a build and it didn’t give me a warning this time.

(cog) #12

I’m still getting warnings and AVG is denying me access. Another post has been started but it’s not much help.

If we switch off warnings for this site what happens when there is an attack. With too few maintainers is a prime target.


(superx10) #13

It does seem to be a Java exploit, so be wary at least

(Uncle Entity) #14

Well, javascript.

Anyhoo, looks like the pron collection is quite safe either way…

(kbot) #15

Hope this is not too serious.

(cog) #16

Well, the maintainers have worked their magic and changed the coding of the page. As a result the warnings have gone. So I am able to (safely) upload builds again.


(adam80) #17

I’m having the same problem and if it helps it’s only within the last week it’s happened as I downloaded a 2.5 build from graphicall with no problems about a week ago.

Edit: Cog’s right, it’s fixed.

(displaced) #18

as of today, august 10th i’m still getting the error

(cog) #19

See thread


(karry) #20

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