Is it about time for Blenders animation system 2 be retired.!!!!!

I suggest we replace it with a more advanced system like this;

You just can’t get realistic results with the current system.

No problem for me: i’m completely into UN-realistic stuff anyways!!!..


You’z trollin’.

Instead of showing us all how to beat the crap out of a modern renderer, you’re posting nonsense. Way to go :slight_smile:

oh, Pinochio, Pinochio… watching Gepeto making you dance in the memorable Disney classic was truly magical…

and the renderers back them were cheaper… despite syndicates…

That’s great, but can it do soft-body simulations like this?

Time for retire buttons for every function so everyone has the choice to get removed what he not wants to use. :cool:

presses retire button on troll fooooomp - gone :evilgrin::stuck_out_tongue:

…lol. Good one Lexy.

This thread should be removed/deleted.

Oeh that looks pretty heavy computer resources wise, will it work on my computer?

PS: (I lold)

Maybe the special FX system should be next?
We need more real-time feedbacks and ultra realistic results.

I actually rolled my eyes when I saw this thread…and thought…“after a few days it will die”…but apparently not…Finally I clicked on it…being late here in Germany(hier im Deutschland)…I am good and grumpy out trolling…er um…patrolling for idiots…you know the guys that start a
“blender versus (commercial_app_here*)” thread…

glad to see it is a joke…pretty good one too!

it is getting humorous now.

Maybe also the modeling tool need some construction-aid upgrade!
Blender and units and precision work is still an issue.

lol this thread is epic!!

Its about time somebody mentioned why we need a new hair simulation system…

man, than we also need a better fluid system so we can generate eye hurting water simulations.

You know, with all the posts about retiring this, get rid of that, etc… maybe Blender should just retire all together…

This cutting edge software looks promising…

Yeah with the 1 megabyte of ram to create animation files… that’s why blender leaves my computer hanging the whole time

The animation system uses too many resources

oh my god, this is getting too funny …

They say, it tastes just like warm Budweiser.

Of course, the sculpting development is totally off-base, it should look more like this:

(…with Demi being optionally substituted with Suzanne if preferred)

mfungu that is awesome!