Is it common for viewport playback performance to degrade massively after inserting a keyframe?

i’m clearly new so hopefully this inst too much of a dumb question, posing without inserting a keyframe the viewport playback runs flawlessly, no slow down and perfect 60 fps…
but inserting a single keyframe in any bone will instantly make the viewport playback run at less than 10 fps

disabling all modifiers and effects or even playing in wireframe mode doesn’t help, is this common? and if not is there any way to make the viewport playback run better?

here is a video if my issue is not clear:

It’s normal, what is slowing down is mesh evaluation. When the rig isn’t animated all the geometry (modifiers ) is updated only once. When animated blender must evaluate all meshes tied to the armature every frames.

To get fast playback again you must try to see whats take long to evaluate. That can be autosmooth , some modifier are also slow to evaluate , it’s hard to guess by just looking at the video.
I tend to use solid viewport mode instead of material / lookdev for animation, but in your case it work at 60fps so it’s not the core of the issue.


thank you! autosmooth actually played a big part in the slowdown, disabling it in all meshs allows me to play animations at 30 fps, i would never have guessed lol

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