Is it just me or Eevee is REALLY SLOW in 3.2?

My Eevee is fast and acts normal in 3.2. May it be because you open a scene saved in 3.1? Maybe it’s a bug when you open scenes from some earlier versions of Blender? Just guessing here.

I started it from scratch, no scene imported in. :slight_smile:

Same here, upgraded to 3.2.2 and it is extremely slow for Eevee as well as for Cycles on a Ubuntu 22.04. Nvidia GPU is detected and working but no error, no warning, nothing to worry about. Slow as hell.

Yap, Eevee is unusable in Blender 3.2.2, ridiculous.
Went back to Blender 3.1.2, Eevee is real time and fast…as it was originally intended.
I miss nothing in newer version except for the Corona Renderer wannabe LightMix feature which is half-implemented anyway since it doesn’t allow you to transfer the adjustments back to the source light.

Hi, if you have a scene with such a speed regression report it to the bug tracker.
Developer love such bugs, if everybody can reproduce it it is mostly easy to fix.

Cheers, mib

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It was reported officially back in June 15.
Before Blender 3.2.2, before Blender 3.2.

It seems they don’t love the bug as you stated.

This is production time breaking and break the core idea of Eevee itself, but maybe it is more important to create yet another shenanigans brush for sculpt mode that nobody would care about except YouTubers showing off the latest brush for their “what’s new” vids that they wouldn’t use after the announcement for their views…

Remember the flattern brush and then another scrap brush both used to create flat surfaces but “slightly different” ?
Remember the thumb brush that NO ONE asked for ?
Yeah people were SCREAMING for the thumb brush…begging for it…sarcasm…

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Everyone has different use cases. A lot of people are into sculpting.

Granted, since the material preview is built on Eevee, it seems like a good place to focus efforts.

Make it easier for the devs by trying to isolate exactly what is the issue.

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As of July 22, the latest status on that bug was this:

seems to have caused some major performance regressions in various areas across Blender. How many does it have to have before it gets reverted? Something needs to be done, instead of ignoring it like we are doing now.

From user:

However, that user is not a developer, so it seems to me like this is getting pushed to the backburner for now. Since they’re focusing on Eevee Next, they’ve been doing this with a lot of Eevee regressions and bugs, it took almost 3 months for them to fix the issue with hidden mesh still showing with GPU Subdiv turned on. Hopefully Eevee Next releases soon so Eevee issues can have a more normal resolution time


Yeah, they can Eevee “Next” till kingdom come [remember Lightwave core ?], It is ok, Blender 3.1.2 for me until actually useful fix is done, no I wouldn’t be excited by the latest sculpt brush that allows you to create random dots on the surface to look like diseases.

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If you actually think that there are serious parallels between it and EEVEE development than you are out of your mind.

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Critical analysis pointing out bugs is helpful

Whining isn’t.

just FYI.

There’s no need to disparage the efforts of the developers just because you don’t use a particular feature.

Keep in mind that developers have their areas of expertise, and you can’t just swap them out interchangeably. The development work done on sculpting does nothing to slow down the development of Eevee.


Speaking of which, is the release going to be this month or in or after September?

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Eevee next is not some ethereal proposal and has not been for a while now, Clement is hard at work getting it done and the 3.4 alpha builds even allow you to use what is there so far by way of the experimental features checkbox (in the preferences).

If you do use it now, keep in mind it is very incomplete and is not ready for users to report bugs.


No, I would not love such bugs, too. :slight_smile:
There are thousands of bugs not fixed, this is normal but I understand your frustration.
I follow Blender development since 2.41 or something, new feature > not finished > next new feature.
I hope the rewrite of EEVEE fix the performance regression but I guess it is Blender 4.0 earliest.
Only guessing but Clement would not put much effort in fixing bugs working on a rewrite of EEVEE now but as 3.3 is a LTS version maybe yes.

Cheers, mib

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Thank you for sympathizing :smiley:

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Blender 3.3 just came out yesterday.

Ok, just tested Blender 3.3, same setting as 3.1.2…

OMG Eevee is SLOW AS hell !!! There is a very visible but short lag, I don’t have to deal with this…

Going back to 3.1.2…
Wow everything is smooth and real time again !

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I have noticed some very small lag in the viewport in 3.2 and 3.3 using Eevee Rendered or Material view. Good thing Eevee Next is coming out soon :slight_smile:

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There was a patch addressing bump map related performance regression.

You can test if there’s any difference with current 3.5 daily build.

This patch will also be included in 3.4 and a future update to 3.3 LTS.


There was another patch by Miguel to address the bump-related performance regression.

Again, you can try it with today’s 3.5 daily build.

(There’s no daily 3.5 build for Windows today, but the patch is included in yesterday’s build so it should be fine.)

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