Is it me or...

(valarking) #1

is there starting to be less and less posts on this forum related to Blender, and more and more of spam, off topic stuff, or just pointless crap. There’s occasionally a good post, but it seems like the intelligence level is dropping rapidly. so please people, stop posting CRAP.

(rndrdbrian) #2

And this sort of post is…?

(Goofster) #3

strange thing indeed. I have a theory that Ton makes all the interesting posts. and we humble subjects can’t do anything else then nod agreeingly :smiley:


ps. just stop bitching and have fun. :slight_smile:

(saluk) #4

Well, this forum is mostly set up for posting non-related/useless stuff. It’s the closest thing to “general chat” there is on the boards. More specific blender discussion happens on the other topics, but maybe a “general blender” chat would be good to have to seperate the useless posts out from the blender-related posts. There are the foundation topics you can go to to discuss, but if someone wants to post useless crap, I
d rather they posted it here than in any of the other topics. I for one tend to enjoy SOME useless crap on a forum, it provides character. I also like seeing what other stuff people are into besides blender.

(cree) #5

Sometimes, the most intelligent thing I can say is nothing.

(theeth) #6

it’s takes a while to learn to speak, and a lifetime to learn to shut it.


(WeirdHat) #7

I noticed that too. Start saying meaningful things, people!

(acasto) #8

meaningful things, people

sorry, I couldn’t resist!! :slight_smile:

(luis36) #9

Valarking you’re right, as you can see in this topic, for example. I think there’s one of the reasons most BlenderHeads are stepping apart from this site, including myself. Everything here is just talking for talking, as ExcellentWhale wisely said in one of the discussions: They’re using this forum like a chat. In my consideration this is a serious issue the SuperModerators should take into account because there’s no worse forum than the useless forum. What’s the deal to have like 700 or more posts, if the 99% or more of them are pure crap? Having fun? Fame?

People, whasssaaaa?

(theeth) #10

I think this only mostly applies to the Off Topic forum, as all the others are more often than not serious talking on topic. Also, another reason why the Elysiun Chat forum is less active lately could be because most of the Blender talk is happening in the Blender Foundation forum.


(ZoltarX) #11

I think the content is just right for this forum.

As long as the discusion about religion and abortion etc stays in the “off topic” forum, I’m happy. :slight_smile:

  • That’s my 2 cents on the subject.


(acasto) #12

One thing I have knowticed, people complain when a topic dosn’t apply to them. To them, it mise well be considered ‘off-topic’. Well, there’s one thing for certain, you can’t please everyone all the time.

But I would say there is a few things in this forum right now that would perhaps belong in the ‘WIP’ or ‘I made this’ section.

(schock) #13

Why don’t you post some “meaningful” topics here instead of whining valar. You are just adding to the crap.

(luis36) #14

Schock, valar stated something here with more importance and meaning in this Elysiun CHAT (Sorry, in this FORUM) than ever before, far from being crap. The question is, why should I read post and more post for HOURS, about a topic I’m really interested, just to read tons of “Dumbass” , “First post”, “You piece of sh… mo… fu…” and that. I simply chose not to read them, simply. Is AN ISSUE HERE.

Theeth: I’m not referring to all of you who have lots of posts, I wished people who had posted in this self forum to think twice if their post has some meaning to someone other than himself, I’m sure this would be a better forum to be on. Sure you know that Main topics are often plenty of complete pages of insults, nonsense phrases, (CRAP), you name it, and it is NOT happening in off-topic forums, but in the main ones.

I don’t think this is because of the BlenderFoundation thing, I noticed this since my very first time on Elysiun, more yet since blender Community, but now it’s getting worse, you’re right on that.

I don’t believe this would change in the short time, though. I do consider this thing should be a concern of the Moderators, but they seems like I don’t care. Less value to the site then. More blenderheads on other forums then…

(IngieBee) #15

Yah, my experience is about 2 years for them to start yacking, and as of today, my 9 year old is only picking up speed. Gosh, how can anyone talk so much, and never stops (it’s not like I do that! :stuck_out_tongue: )