Is it possibile to create a node that contains just text?? (to create mind maps!)

I need a tool to create mindmaps and puzzle dependecy charts. I’ve gone through nearly every mind-mapping software, flowchart app and dialogue editor available, but none of them has the flexibility and ease of use of the Blender node editor (where nodes can be freely arranged, grouped, linked, added between other nodes, etc.).
So my question is: would it be possible to create a node that contains just text and can be plugged into any number of other text nodes? How much Python knowledge would be required (considering that my coding skills are less than zero at the moment)? :slight_smile:

I too had such a dream… loooong time ago. Would also be nice to use custom forms for nodes (a’la Houdini).
Nothing here, still.
Will it be possible with 2.8? I wonder…

PS… i believe this is all: Generic Note Node

The Note node was integrated in the frame node, which now can have links to texts… although it doesn’t have sockets, one can add retoutes to it.

Yes, I’m aware of the Note node and the possibility of adding text boxes. I would really need noodles and sockets to create maps and charts though.
I’ll have to learn coding I guess! :spin:

There is a Python API for nodes, so one could create a node tree for mind mapping. I found this old post because I think it’d be a neat idea. Who knows, perhaps fancier integrations with other parts of blender could flourish?

A good starting point, for coders, can be opening the text editor, from the templates choose “custom_nodes”, run it, and now you’ll have a new editor type called “custom node tree”. From there, click on the “New” at the top, Shift + A, and you’ll find the custom nodes defined byu the python scritpt.

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I’ve been playing with the API a bit more. Once one understands what it does – but perhaps more importantly, what it does not do – then it starts to feel more comfy.

The example is silly, but can perhaps be used as inspiration? I wonder @giai77, what sort of UX were you thinking it’d be cool to have?

Hi bruta_figura! Thank you for what you’re doing!
Actually I didn’t have anything fancy in mind, just the regular nodes and noodles, but with editable text inside. Something simple and minimal like Mindomo (a pretty cool mindmapping app).
I’m attaching an example of the look I’m figuring.
The main thing that works differently from the current node editor is that every node should automatically generate a plug/socket for (a potentially infinite amount of) new noodles that are dragged onto it.

I am also looking for such a function. Can someone possibly design an add-on? The functions like in this program ( would be enough for me. Unfortunately this tool runs very cpu heavy.

This gets my vote, too. I look for a mindmapping tool once a year. If I could have it in Blender I wouldn’t have to go searching all the time.
Why once a year? Because people make their mindmapping software open source to begin with then wall it off with some pay needed. I don’t use it enough to invest in such a tool; investing in such a tool inside Blender is an easy to justify purchase.


I have submitted a proposal on Right-Click-Select.

With enough votes it will eventually be implemented

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Thank you everybody for your interest and your replies! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this could be a tiny useful feature in Blender!