Is it possible, and a good idea?

Hello everyone,
So I was thinking the other day about what would be a good idea for a fun game project that I could learn from and I came up with an idea that I think (tell me if it sounds awful) would be quite fun.
The basic premise of the game is this:

There are two players that start out on opposite sides of a playing field, each player has an unlimited number of resources to build a base out of (blocky of course, let’s say the materials are, stone and wood), so the players work as fast as they can to build a decent base that can protect thier crown (a physics object placed on a premade pillar on thier side), along with making thier base they can also place 15 or maybe 20 ,1 time spawning spots for thier soldiers.
After the time limit is up (I guess 10 minutes), or both of the players have pushed a “Ready” button, the war will start, each teams soldiers along with thier own human contolled player will rush over to the other’s castle fighting thier soldiers on the way. AI soldiers and the player will also need to be able to break the walls of the opposite base.

So… that’s the idea I had, if you think its good or bad tell me. If you think there should be other features added or removed tell me so. I am not 100% sure if I can accomplish all of these goals at my current skill state, but that is the point of the project, it has many aspects of development that I can learn from asking here on Blender Artists and from personal experimentation.

Please do not take my idea and claim it as your own. You can also try to make something like this and post it, but give me credit for the idea if you do.

Thanks for reading this (if you did) :), feedback is very welcome and appreciated


sounds like a fun game! will it be online multiplayer or on the same pc?

I was thinking Online, but you would have to put in IP adresses and such, not just auto connect. I was also thinking about making some premade singleplayer levels.

That sounds pretty interesting. An action tower-defense-like game, huh? You’ll need to use Python to realize it effectively, but it can work, I think.

I even have most of the code laying around…

target.alignAxisToVect(-hitNormal2, 1, 1)

will place a block, and align it to another…

Alright, cool, thanks for the code. How do I connect it up?

here you are sir :smiley:


PlaceABlock.blend (475 KB)

Thanks! (had to put these so it would let me post Thanks!)

So the cube on the left represents the player and the one on the right a pre-existing block?

P.S. is this the code you are using in your game?

So, Why does it only allow the placement of one block?

Ok, so I added the ‘Map’ property to the place-able block and now it glitches and doesnt place blocks where I look and when it places them sometimes they are sideways

For building a base I think you don’t need a player in 3rd person. Anyway, in order to create such a Builder you first have to learn some basic Python skills, so you know how to design it.

I made such a Builder in the past. There are a lot of things to consider. For instance, let’s say you want to add a barrel next to a wall, you don’t want it to be accidentally placed into the wall, when clicking your mouse. So, I would suggest your system works in this order:

  • activate ‘builder’ mode (when done so a default or last selected building block will be selected)
  • the selected building block will be spawned and ghost parented to the empty that follows the mouse pointer (let’s call it a reference block)
  • action (mouse scrolling f.e.) for selecting the building block and update step 2 (also remove old reference block)
  • action (mouse click f.e.) for adding the building block to the scene, only if the building block doesn’t collide


the funnest game ever…

I may even have a dretch mechanic.

now about assembly…

Wrectified assembly system is still a wip…

but check it out…

adding spheres, and cone body types,(all simple physics bounds)

making a few components that assemble using a few rules can lead to a lot of customization.

Adding a “hub” that was static, that the rigid bodies could “rigid body joint” to would be another neat mechanic…

I appreciate all of this, but I was kind of thinking that the building would work more like this:

Tell me what you think about that one :slight_smile:

That sound like a good idea ! I have some questions/ Ideas:
So would you be able to control your troops on the battle field? thus making it a battle field strategy game or would it be more like setting up your people/ defences then letting the fighting commence without human control.
Either way it would be neat to have battering rams catapults trebuchets explosives (mabey) and such to break down the walls
Another idea is to have multiple rounds and the ability to pillage. (I don’t know what maby honor points)

But sounds like a really good idea!! :yes:

The idea sounds like a modern variance of an old DOS game. I can’t remember the name, but it was one pretty funny. It had a multiplayer mode and one of the few games that can be played with two mouses at the same time (one for each game).

The game had two modes (each with a time limit):

A) build mode
each player was building walls by placing them on the ground. The wall parts came in in a tetris style. The challenge was to get an area surrounded by a closed wall. If you can’t manage you loose.

Dependent on the size of the surrounded area(s), you got some cannons that can be placed in the areas.

After timeout the round continued with
B) battle mode

Now you can click the enemies castle. The cannons shoot where you clicked.

The challenge is to destroy the enemies walls to open the areas, damage or destroy the cannons which reduces the received damage.

After time out, the round ends and the next one started with the remaining of the walls and cannons.

I tried to recreate an own version of this game at the time I started with Blender. I managed the Walls and the closed areas but never finished it. The result was this techdemo You could even destroy the walls with a cannon from with FPS, TPS, birds view and satellite view.

So the Monster is guarding the finished castle :D.

Those sound great! Your soldiers would be AI controlled, and you would have your own player to control as well. I was thinking TPS or FPS style.

Alright, I finished my textures for the block models, tell me what you think. You can use any of them freely if you like.

From left to right the blocks are: Grass (not place-able),Stone Wall, Wood Planks, Reinforced Glass

The grass has a plain dirt texture on the bottom I will use under the grass layer on the map.

P.S. The background image is just a Minecraft screenshot I took like a year ago

This is a really good idea. Not only to learn from, but also to show off if/once it’s done. I don’t know how skilled you are, but I realize that this project will take a lot of knowledge and dedication, not to mention a small team of pros to put it together. I think there’s another game like this somewhere out there, but I forgot what it’s called.

I suggestion: if you can, it would be cool if you were able to control you character (a hero) and if he/she dies, then you have the option of controlling other members of you team. The list of features for the game I think is endless, as I’ve come up with at least 14 while typing this up.

Stand up and stay strong. With time, you’ll finish. Good luck :slight_smile:

One thing that you’d have to tackle from a gameplay standpoint is making sure the destruction becomes integral to the gameplay, and poses some challenge. For instance, let’s say the two teams attack one another, one team completely decimates the other, and the defending player can only watch for a few minutes as the other team tears his/her castle apart.

Varied AI (such as defense units) or respawning armies could alleviate this problem.

Study tremulous for sure…

The game looks funny. :slight_smile:
But sincerely, i not like the textures, why? the colors are very light, and it lacks a bit of randomness, for example the grass: yellow and green very light, and need some random in the place where is the transtion between dirt and grass. Also, I recommend put the blocks to a size of 1x1 meters (the blocks in you file have a size of 2x2 meters) and apply the scale.

I see you want a block system like minecraft, it could be easy, just cast a ray and round(you can round variables in python using round(int) ) the values of the hitPosition and use it values as location for the block.

I recommend keep individual blocks only in the construction(that people put), Why? perfomance. The terrain can be just a mesh (there’s a modifier for convert a mesh into blocks).