Is it possible to add a light and have it only affect ONE object in a scene of many objects?

If I have a scene of four objects, and I only want one of those objects lit, is it possible to restrict a light to only affect one chosen object ?

This is a feature that’s infamously lacking in Blender, it’s known as light linking. I believe there are some external renderers or plugins that do have the ability, but if you want to do it purely with the default Blender version, you will have to render this extra light as a separate pass and composite it back in.

This will require some compositing, but they did add light groups recently to streamline this a little bit.

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thanks, helpful link… I found a video on Youtube just now talking about making Collections and Layers and doing it that way.
Its about 2 yrs old…

That works too, whatever way makes the most sense to you is what I would recommend :slight_smile: