Is it possible to add a video to a plane?

The title pretty much says it all. I wanted to make a kind of a presentation and for that I would´ve liked to add videos (also made with blender) to a plane as an animated background. I tired it with the “image as planes” add-on but it didn´t work as I´ve hoped it would.

Does somebody know how I could do this so it works?

Best way to do it is make it into a image sequence… and attach that to a plane.

Movie files dont work nicely with renderers in general which is why they are not supported.

How do I do this? Does someone know a good tutorial on how to do this?

Import Images as Planes does work correctly with importing movies. Try it again with these tips in mind.

Tips on using it are…
1.) Select your render engine before you import your images. Cycles materials and Blender Internal materials are supported but the AddOn only makes one material based upon the render engine you currently have selected.

2.) Change your viewport to texture mode to see the result. By default you will just see a grey plane. It may have worked but you do not see the result in the viewport.

Thank you! I´m gonna try that out immediately!