Is it possible to analze 4d data set in blender?

Hi All,

I would like to learn if it is possible to use blender to analyze 4d data?

Suppose that I have a 4d temperature data (i.e latitude, longitude, depth and time) .

Is it possible to make an 4d animation of temperature by using blender?

I am not sure how can I import my data to blender?, and make animation?

Thanks in advance

The objects in Blender have 3 dimensions, and you can move them to different places as the time changes. That is what you are calling 4d (which is debatable, time isn’t officially accepted as the 4th dimension, except by the “Time Machine” fans).

As for importing information, that really depends. I’m not sure what you mean by importing a thermostat, but if you just want to animate the temperature rising or dropping on a thermometer, that is pretty simple. Importing a data set is possible, but you would have to program a Python script to accept the information. I hope you know how to program, otherwise it is much easier to do it by hand.

I was used 4d to make clear the problem more easy,
there are even software called vis5d+ :slight_smile:

the temperature data is the 3d temperature in an ocean,
and it consist of

latitude longitude depth temp_data
… … … …

in an ascii file, do I import this volumetric data to the blender?

You can represent the 4th dimension of your data as object color or some other attribute.

I think I misrepresent the my problem?

Suppose that I would like to animate the temperature distribution in a “pool”.
I have the temperature information of a pool in certain depths and certain locations.
(i.e I have all 3d temperature distribution)

I would like to import this to blender and animate the temperature of the pool.

yes, you import the data into Blender by writing a script. To animate, it depends on how your data was set up. I would make the script go through your data once and pick out the high/low termperature values to determine the range. Then create a mesh for each data point, and create a halo material for that mesh, and assign a color based on the temperature (Red for the highest, blue for coldest) at that time using an animated material. (I assume the probe was kept at one place and records a stream of temperature data at that one location).

I think it is impossible to do because it is very view dependent. Say you map the depth of the pool as hue, and the temperature as saturation, the only way that you can make something meaningful of it is if you show the temperature distribution in slices.

OR , you can isolate ranges of temperatures and show those ranges separately. I think it will look like blobs or clouds dancing in the thank. Just like a MRI scan sort of speak.