Is it Possible to animate displacement with many Heightmap?


I want to animate the displacement on a plane thanks to a image sequence of heightmaps and I was wondering how to do that.

I tried to add the modifier “Displace” and put the the source mode on “image sequence” but nothing happen and my plane is always flat . (Same with the shader editor with a image texture and displacement nodes)

But the displacement (without animation) works well when the source is on “single Image”

I know how it can work but i am beginner on this software and dont know witch settings I need to modify or create.

I will continue to try many things but I hope someone will know and help me with this problematic.

Thanks and have a good day

It should work, make sure you set the number of frames to use in the texture properties and check the auto refresh box (to refresh each frame).
Also the images have to be numbered 001.png, 002.png etc,etc

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