Is it possible to assign multiple bones to one weight paint/vertex group?

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to assign more than one bone to a vertex group/weight paint. Tried selecting the bones and creating a new weight paint, but this didn’t work.

In Lightwave there is a menu that allows you to assign each bone to a certain weight map. Having more than one bone assigned to a weight map wasn’t an issue. Perhaps there’s a menu like this in Blender?

What is it you’re trying to achieve? Like what would happen if you rotated 1 of 3 bones for a single VG? What would happen if you rotated all 3? Whatever end result you want is probably possible.

But assigning multiple bones to a single vertex group in Blender isn’t something that would make sense. Armatures in Blender work via shared names between bones and VGs. So even though the end result is probably possible, doing it like that is definitely not.

Haven’t used Lightwave in awhile. But Blender uses a different approach. Lightwave defines weight zones that are then are assigned to bones. Blender assigns weights based on the bone selected to the vertices painted or selected. Two different ways to do it. In Blender forget weight map concept. It doesn’t exist. The weights are stored in vertex groups named for the bone(s) by vertex weights if that make sense. Your not going to be able to take a lightwave weight map and then delegate that to Blender bones. AFAIK.