Is it possible to attach a hair particles eyelashes (R and L) to one or more vertex groups or bones?

In particle edit I have mirror the upper and bottom eyelashes from the left to the right but now I can’t attach them to the right and left eyelids.

What I mean is I duplicated the right and left eyelids and that became the hair particle eyelashes. I followed a YouTube video…
But now I see it was a mistake. I want them to follow the eyelids of the body. So it will go natural when the eyes closes and opens if the eyelashes follow the movement of the eyelids.
I cannot use shape keys because I have a problem with it.

I didn’t use mirror modifier. I just selected mirror option in particle edit. When I delete the other (right side) side in particle, there is still a little hair to see in object mode.

I don’t want to do it all over again. So is there another way?

I would like to share the file but there is a lot that I cannot delete and have to redo it otherwise.

Update: solved it.
Even though I use shrinkwrap, it still is a bit not attached to the body. If I go beyond 0, it deforms and even I go lower it also deforms.

How do you solve it?

I can solve it for you… if you upload the blend file (preferably the one at the time you made the first thread, if you still have it).

I have no simple version anymore. So that’s why I would rather if someone has the time to just tell how they would solve it

That’s okay, you can upload the current version. My way to solve it is the following:

  1. Select the parts where the hair particles are located and make them a separate object (if it’s not already the case).
  2. Add an armature and parent the object containing the hair particles to this armature.
  3. For each bone of this armature, add a Copy Transforms bone constraint; select the armature of your character in the Target field, in the Bone field select the bone you want the current bone to be controlled by, in the Target and Owner dropdowns select Local Space.
  4. Done.

I have the time to do it for you if you want or if you don’t manage to succeed.

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I send you a message

Make sure the modifier’s order is correct, the hair particles modifier must be AFTER any deform modifier (armature, displace, shrinkwrap, etc).

And in the particle settings make sure Use Modifer Stack is checked, so it will calculate the position of the particle hairs after the deformation of the model