Is it possible to break a curve at a point

I wonder if it’s possible to break a closed curve at a point. For example if a have a circle and I want to split it at one of its control points to be able to get an open spline which can be then edited. I want to keep it as a spline because I want to use it as a path.

In edit mode you can press Alt C to open a close curve circle, or you could select 2 control points and press X and select segment.

Not at one point but you can split a curve by deleting the segment between two points.

Select 2 points then Menu > Curve > Delete > (popup) Segment. (Shortcut is Key X).

Also Menu > Curve > Make Segment to join two points with a segment (Shortcut Key F).


Ha, AlanK beat me by a few seconds. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. The open/close spline doesn’t work for an arbitrary point, because it always opens the spline at its start point. But deleting a segment works anytime, so that should solve it.

In addons by testing section there is Add Curve: Curve Tools-addon. It includes the split tool for curves. (vers. 2.65)