Is it possible to combine two textures/materials?

So I made these fenders for a truck and added a picture as material, the flames and red color are both from the same picture but I think it looks kinda boring (It’s a big png with an entire colorscheme for other parts as well).

I was thinking about making/downloading an aluminium material and combine the picture and aluminium to give it that shiny look like a real truck. Ofcourse I need to do this with the other parts aswell, and not only aluminium but also other materials like chrome for different parts.

Now my question is, if a make/download a material, how can I combine it with the picture textures on that truckpart to make it look like it’s from aluminium, chrome, etc…

Absolutely! Several ways to do this…
You can use a Mix-RGB Node and combine the two images and use the alpha ( if it has an alpha channel, or if it has a Solid Black Background )
Or you can add it in as a factor to a Mix Node as the Factor to control the under texture with the Flames on the top…

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Thanks this helped me out a lot! I will definitely experiment with this

Yes, sometimes no.

  • For Eevee, you can not mix two Subsurface Scattering shader.

  • For Eevee, you can not mix two Glossy Shader with Screen Space Reflection, only one can use Screen Space Reflection.

  • For Eevee, you can not mix two Refraction Shader with Screen Space Refraction, only one can use Screen Space Refraction.