Is it possible to create a Movie Clip Editor mask from a curve object?

I have a curve object which I’ve made from a mesh in the 3D view - and it’d be really handy if I could use this shape as the mask in the Movie Clip Editor. However, some initial searching seems to suggest that a) this isn’t possible and b) nobody’s ever had this request!

Am I wrong? If anybody has advice on using a curve object as a mask, I’d really appreciate it!


The clip editor’s mask tool grew from the desire to stop using 3D curves for this effect (there used to be a roto addon for that). However you can use an ortho camera to reshoot the curve against a background image. Sadly the 3D view currently doesn’t allow you to render with the speedy OpenGL into the VSE or compositor, whereas the mask tool is very fast to draw.

There are many useful features with mask tool curves like tracking hooks and easy mask mixing (of components), but the drawback at the moment is the lack of access to f-curve editing of keyframes.