Is it possible to create an Animatic in the VSE? (Blender)

I was just wondering this, since I am making a short film that I’ve finished writing and is currently looking for a way to make an animatic from the storyboards I’ll be drawing with the Grease Pencil in Blender without having to buy a different software for it.

I’ve tried to look for an answer for it, but I can’t seem to find anything regarding about the VSE and its usage of animatics with storyboards.

Anyone that knows how to do this?

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Ofcourse it is possible to create an Animatic in the VSE.

Add your storyboard scenes one by one untill you have the full animatic.

I suggest instead of asking for a full tutorial, you should first try to do it on your own. If you will have any difficulties then we will help you.

well, because it’s like asking if it is possible to draw a red cat in MS Paint.
What is the content of your video have nothing to do with possibilities of the software. The usage is the same for animatics with storyboards and for editing recorded video with a camera.

Oh. Thanks for that, Jerzy. I’ll do as you suggest with my storyboards. I guess I should be asking this later when I have done this beforehand. I was just in a hurry if this was done before I had asked the question.

Sorry for the bother.

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You can look at Open Movies resources available on BlenderCloud.

Think is, I am not a BlenderCloud member. So, I can’t look at the resources. Not sure if I even want to be.

VSE preview is able to display an OpenGL preview of 3D Scene without previous image caching.
In properties of each Scene Strip, you can modify camera used.
For any sequence, you can test easily different view angles.
That ability was added during Sintel production.

During Cosmos Laundromat production, Grease Pencil was used to test camera movements.

Now, Grease Pencil is a 3D Object. You have ability to make storyboard and layout at same time.
It is a kind of fusion of both.

There’s free stuff in resources…

In short it’s possible and grease pencil offer a lot of tools to make storyboards and animation.
however it’s not as streamlined as a dedicated software like storyboard pro. All the tools are right there in blender but it’s not organized as a storyboard software, maybe at some point an addon can just be what is needed to fill the little gaps.

You can look at that presentation to see more of the tools/workflow :