Is it possible to edit the Node Wrangler addon to include custom node groups?

Hello, I have made my own version of the mapping node which allows the values to be controlled by other nodes for extra flexibility, however, I would like to increase workflow by adding it to the Node Wrangler addon. Specifically, when automatically adding a texture coordinates node and a mapping node to either a new image texture or an existing one. I would like to replace the standard mapping node with my own in the script. How would I go about this? I have a vague idea about adding mine to the list of available shaders but I don’t know how to get the RNA value of my own group, nor if this is how I would even achieve what I want.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Do you know the “Node Presets” addon?
There you can build your own nodes and add it with one click in the node editor, no coding is needed.

I do, but I can I link it to a shortcut? I would like to add it to the Node Wrangler just so I’m not mixing addons too much

Well, with “Node Presets” activated, it is Shift+A --> Template --> your custom nodes
not as good as Shift+T, but not bad either.
For including it to the Node Wrangler addon, someone else has to help you.

Hmm, seems rather unnecessary since I have to use Shift+A anyway to get the group at the moment, i.e. Shift+A --> Groups --> Custom Node. Thank you for the reply though, it#s food for thought at the least.

The difference with group is, that the groups are included in the .blend,right?
and with the node presets you are defining a path on your computer, way better for organizing stuff.

How I’ve got it set up is I have the startup.blend include the node groups I’ve made, each with the “F” button clicked to save them even if they have no users.