Is it possible to generate an offset of geometrie with the nodes?

Ohh… I was hoping this could work so that we don’t need to duplicate real geometry in such a case.
In one illustration ( woman) you see a diffuse with colorless reflection on the inside , and colored transparent with colorless reflection on the outside. (By real geometry) And it worked: I got now a dielectric, and we see a colored gloss. ( which is in contradiction with the theorie that only metals can have colored gloss.

What I tried to do ( I think I knew it wouldn’t work, but wanted to work), was to do this with nodes for 1 material. With a color ramp I tried to offset the bumpmap for each shader, but at the end it still mixes the transparent with the diffuse. I tried with add shader, but didn’t work as well.

Any idea if such a thing could be possible ? So that I don’t have to duplicate geometrie. This way we could make shader otherwise barely possible.

how about using object info node
and use location or random

that should change it

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After playing with it I realized the object info node is an input; It can read the location of the geometrie. But I don’t see a way to plug it in somewhere so that the geometrie changes its location. I think with the Geometrie > location we can do things like: if object is higher than 0.1 in Z, turn into blue, otherwise green.

but what do you mean by geometry ?

info node will change the location of textures but not the verts per say

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As in my first post, what I want to accomplish is cycles to pretend that a shader ( and its geometrie) is on another location. You suggested me to take a look at the geometrie node instead of trying to do this offset with a bumpmap.

not certain coloramp can change location
more like adding pattern in between lines in texture

but info node location will change the location of texture

if that is what you want but won’t change verts location

we did some texture location changes for some wood planks and it works fine

but still unclear to me what you are trying to do!
sorry English is not my first language so I might have miss understood what you are trying to explain

but the effect seems nice

seen something like that for some blood cells using 2 level of glossy and no need for changing texture location
have you seen that one ?

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@RickyBlender: I haven’t seen it. But I am curious. What I am trying to do for quite some time is the following:

  • Theory says that a material is a metal or a dielectric.
  • Theory says that only metals can have colored gloss.
  • My real life experience says : Hey my satin curtains look metallic to me, but it is a dielectric.
    So I am trying to figure out why that is. Now I think I found two reasons why that might be:
  1. The ridges in the fabric are causing the colorless reflections to bounce around and before it reaches my eye it is colored. ( caused by the bounces).
  2. The fabric has a paint layer which is transparent. So the underlying colorless reflections are now colored. Result: this combination of materials return a colored gloss.

Now if I could combine two shaders this way in cycles, I could make a dielectric with colored reflection without breaking the rules. ( without using a colored gloss node) .

could this equivalent gloss make a difference

don’t remember who did this set up sorry

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@RickyBlender I tried the node setup above, but I suppose I have to make that connection to the add node to the three nodes below.

Here a comparison of some materials.

No Image? Check:

you cannot upload pics here !
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so many different glossy
but would definitively like to see with new gloss option

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I hope its fixed, I think I got a bit tired of this forum with the way to attach pics. Takes to much time .
It’s not about you, but I have to start working next week. I will come back later when it is more userfriendly .

I guess it is a bit tedious to add pic agreed but you get use to it
forum is a good place here with so many peoples ready to help

take your time no rush

will you come back when the new gloss nodes Is in ?

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The new gloss node is just that it doesn’t get to dark when you give it a high roughness. That’s all.

at least wont have to correct that one !
and should give better results more realist

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oops, double post

The new GGX Multiscatter glossy shader is now in the daily builds.
I did a comparison with GGX and GGX multiscatter for a standard material that contains a fair amount of rough gloss.
I think in most cases you won’t notice much difference in your materials unless the material uses really rough gloss and a high amount of rough gloss.

Here a comparison;

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No image? Check here: