Is it possible to import a Bezier curve into Blender?


I’ve been fighting with the “interesting” Bezier curve tool in Blender. In common with many 3D apps (e.g. Maya), Blender’s handling of Bezier curves is - how can I put this politely - absolutely abysmal, compared to Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator. So is there a way to just import a 2D Bezier spline (to as an .eps or .ai file maybe)?



File / User Preferences / Addons. Enable the .svg import addon
Access through File / Import menu

Thank you! I’ll give that a go later today.

  • Paul

I managed to import an svg curve from Illustrator into Blender with partial success. It brings it in at a minuscule scale, despite the document setup being a reasonable size (about 100mm x 150mm) in Illustrator. I then had to scale the curve to around 8000%, then did a Freeze Transformations (ctrl-A, Scale) to reset its scale to 1. However, Blender seems to have kinda forgotten that I’d done that, because when I adjust the curve’s extrude or bevel, to make it, say, 100mm thick, I have to use an extrude value of 0.1mm, and a bevel of 2 microns! Blender is obviously still scaling up these values by the aforementioned 8000%. Which is presumably a bug?

If I use a sensible value of, say, 0.1 (0.1 metres = 100mm) for the extrude, the result is many hundreds of metres long. Despite this weirdness, it’s refreshing not to have to waste many hours battling with the astonishingly ridiculous, suicide-inducing curve editing tools in Blender.

  • Paul

What Blender version are you using? I’m using the latest 2.72 here. Below is a screen cap of a simple curve in Illustrator and the result when I imported its SVG file into blender. The blender curve is about 80% of its size in Illustrator , but I would hardly call that “minuscule.”