Is it possible to load custom textures during gameplay?

In my sliding puzzle game I have my default texture that you must put together. I’d like the player to be able to load there own. Is this possible?

The textures have to load first before the GE runs. So if the user changes the texture before running the GE it should work just fine. Be sure to use relative paths, and do not pack your textures.

If you are asking if they can be changed dynamically, I dont think it is possible.

Sounds good


you now can using the videotexture plugin

Hmm… it is possible, there was a post here, about saving/loading images like textures while GE is running.

Texture swapping is a available in the SVN via the VideoTexture module. You’ll need to use Python and get a hold of a somewhat recent SVN build.

Even better!

Thanks again everybody

replace mesh actuator used with a different textured model , it’s basic , but might solve your specific situation .