Is it possible to make droopy clothing?

How can i get a piece of “cloth” to droop over other objects? Fore example: Say i have a basketball and i drop a towel over it. Is it even possible?

It’s possible, to an extent. I saw someone make an animation of a fur rug being dropped over a ball, but you can’t really make clothes or anything without a lot of hard work and patience.

There is a program called OpenFX that is supposed to do that, but I never downloaded the program because it was too big and my internet is slow. I think it was or something like that.

Edit: I’m downloading it right now. I’ll post if I get anything good out of it :wink:

Very interesting… Thanks for the replys.

the answer is softbodies, it’s been in since 2.37 and tuxbot wrote a tutorial about it.

however, I can’t find the original link, but Greybeard Mirrored it:

look for “Soft Body Tutorial”

I’de go with that. OpenFX isn’t working for me and has a terrible interface. XD Thanks for the tut link Alex G