Is it possible to mirror an animation?

I have an armature that is fully weight painted and animated, with a 30 second animation. The entire thing needs to be flipped on the X; making the model do the entire animation mirrored from the way it was recorded.

Imagine I have an animated left hand making a fist, and need a right hand making a fist. That’s essentially the situation.

I am poised to start flipping key frame poses as last resort to doing the entire thing over from scratch, but it seems like there should be a way to flip the whole thing in one easy step… Does anyone know how that might be done?

Maybe horizontally flip the rendered images?

Well, it’s a game asset; the ultimate intention is to export the model to FBX. This works; I’ve imported it to the game, but to look right in the game the animation needs to be the mirror opposite of what was recorded. I tried a mirror transform on the skeleton ~that didn’t turn out so swell.

I’m thinking that I might have to try flipping all the keyframes manually, or bite the bullet, and just do the whole thing over again.

(Maybe too obvious, but…)

If there are not too many keyframes, remember there are “Copy Pose” and “Paste X-Flipped Pose” commands in Pose menu.