Is it possible to project an image onto geometry from the camera?

Firstly, I’m not talking about Camera Mapping (aka sticky UVs). I’m talking about basically the opposite. Instead of projecting the UV map from the camera view, I want to unwrap normally and then project an image onto the geometry from the perspective of the camera.

My objective is photogrammetry. I can get the geometry pretty easily, but I’d like to project the photograph from the perspective from which it was taken back onto the geometry, as a texture. Then do this for each camera and combine the results into something nice. My main obstacle right now is the texture projection.

Is this possible with Blender? What do you guys think?

UV project Modifier ?
Or use an object (camera / empty etc) as the the texture coordinates

Ricky, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but intending to commercialize it so not only can I not use Bundler, or PMVS, but I also need something that can be a robust part of a pipeline.

Richard, that’s ALSO exactly what I want to do :wink: BUT I really need the image to actually be remapped onto my UVs, instead of the modifier making up UVs on the fly.

What I’m looking for is basically something like texture painting, but using the camera as the brush. I want to be able to set up good UVs first, then map the image onto them like when you texture paint, and save that image out for editing elsewhere.

OOOOHH! Duh… Just use spotlights instead of cameras, use the images as stencils for the spotlights, and bake it all to a new image. It might take some doing to keep from getting too much shading information in the bake, but I think that’s what I’ll try next…

Thanks, guys!

looks interesting
can you open a wip thread and let us know how it goes if possible !

happy bl

Yeah, good idea! I’ll do that.