Is it possible to reduce the gap between fast moving objects?

When I add objects that are moving really fast, a gap forms between the objects. The purpose is to create a simple beam without lag. I read that it had to do with Blender skipping frames. Is it possible to render those frames for a specific object and not speed up fps in the physics panel?

Sounds like you’re trying to make trails behind an object? To do this, in this video, I stored a list of the object positions, and then distorted a mesh to make the trails follow where the vehicle had been. I used the same approach (possibly even the same script) in this video.
With this approach, the trail will always connect, no matter how fast the vehicle is moving.

Script available here.

Sdfgeoff, I haven’t tried trails behind an object because I was attempting a beam firing forward. Excellent work on the trails in your video, it’s seamless and smooth. I will be studying your script! Thankyou.

The first video link doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a .blend that shows implementation?

In the physics panel, the frames per second can be increased and that helps, except that it increases ALL objects frame rate. Can frame rate be increased for individual objects?

It might take me a while to understand and adapt your script. I was just wondering if the fps could be changed via Python or some other means.

If you’re wanting to create a beam that goes straight forwards, you can take a plane and scale it until it hits where you want it to go. This is much easier that trails because you don’t have to deform the object. There are probably sample blends if you look up “laser” or something along those lines.

if you use position to spawn anything then (with python) you need to use the .copy() option to grab the actual position that frame, and not from previous frame (what without .copy() does)

as sdfgeoff mentioned if you want to justt scale a plane then i got an example for you here: How do I make "wires" connect from object to object?