Is it possible to render a game like a normal render?

Hi, I am working on a little assingnment for my dads work.
I have to make a small world in wich you can move around.
I have already made the world and it looks good enough when i render it with F12, but when i hit P it looks totally differend.

<this is how it looks when i hit F12

< this is how it looks when i hit P

an other thing i noticed is that the tekst is gone.
is it possible to make it look the same ?

By the way i am new to this forum so if i said anything wrong or post in the wrong folder. sorry for that.
(sorry for my bad english ,i am Dutch.)
thank you in advance.

Simple answer: No

Medium answer: yes, if your render lasts 20ms per image. But no, it is not supposed to happen.

Honest answer: What you show above does not need complicated rendering. It is simple enough to be rendered by the BGE. You just need some more experience with the BGE especially with the materials.

Firstly, change to ‘textured mode’ before pressing ‘p’. Next, change to ‘Blender game’ mode and work on your BGE material. (if you are getting similar result).

thanx, do u have any suggestions where i can find some tutorials to practice with BGE materials and lightning?
and can you explain why the text dissapears?

thanx Monster and mziskandar. i think i understand what i did wrong now, and the change to “texture mode” did something. but why does my text disappear?
(im still getting used to the forum, this is the first time i work with a forum.)