Is it possible to rotate hair strands randomly?

Hi all,

I try to rotate hair strands (Hair advanced settings rotate ) but unfortunatly this option only works for hair objects but i cant use clump curves for objects.
Hair strands seems to rotate to 3d view and all are parallel oriented.

would be nice to rotate hair strands randomly around the emitter normal direction.

Any tip is very welcome

In animation nodes there are nodes arrangements that rotate strands.

Devs never understood that reusing mesh edit mode tools can help to manage granularity editing.

So, according to 2.5x design of particles, you should be able to use individual pivot, make a random selection of particles and obtain hair particles randomly rotated. But it does not work because there is always a dev to not understand that and think that reemployment of mesh editing tool in particle edit mode is a mistake.
And now, it does not in 2.79. Transform pivots are present in header, in particle edit mode; but they are no more working as they should.

The idea is simple. Hair Guides are succession of points and segments. Mesh Editing have lots of tools useful to deal with points and segments of meshes. Just let’s particle edit mode give access to them.

But no, this mental barrier :“That is not the same mode, tool should be only available in one mode” is too strong. This barrier does not exist for edit mode/object mode. But for particle mode, because it has brushes, it reappears each time a new dev try to touch to particles.

Situation is awful in 2.79b. You have to quit to object mode to be able to move 3D Cursor although 3D Cursor can be used as pivot or snapping reference in particle edit mode.

Currently, situation is not better in 2.8. Work on particles is happening, now. As a consequence, selection is not working in particle edit mode.
Let’s hope that cleaning of particles code will restore basic needs as this one.
If people are so stubborn, I suppose that would require to split current edit mode into 2 modes : a particle combing mode and a particle editing mode.

Oh this sounds not very promising.
My biggest problem is subdivision modifier with particles hair. Its not possible to edit hair in low sub resolution and switch to higher res .
Hair editing is only stored for each subd level so i was thinking about textured strands to boost performance…hm

I was too severe. You can edit hair particles guides but not as easily as editing meshes.

In 2.8, you can rotate randomly objects as hair with combing by using a Particle Instance modifier.
There are Rotation and Random sliders in this modifier. But these settings are absent in 2.79b.

In 2.79b, you can simply create a particle system with less children and use several objects handling a Particle Instance modifier with a different rotation in edit mode.