Is it possible to rotate the 3D manipulator to a specific angle?

See title :slight_smile:

That’s a very good question.

I don’t think the manipulator it self can be adapted to a specific angle, but rather to a specific face. Try following these steps:

  1. Have two objects, the one you wish to rotate and one more which will serve as a rotation reference, a Plane would be the best.
  2. Select the Plane and rotate it in Object Mode so that it assumes the angle you want.
  3. Select the object you mean to rotate and do a Vertex Parent relation to one of the vertices of the Plane.
  4. Now jump into Edit Mode of the Plane, select the only poly and change the Orientation of the manipulator to Normal.
  5. Use the manipulator and check the result.

Maybe this works better with Location and not so good with Rotation. I haven’t tested it.