Is it possible to set Blender window size so it opens the same each time?

Every time I open Blender it opens full screen even though it is in the custom size format. Is there a way to set the desired custom size so that Blender opens that way each time without having to manually adjust the window size?

Thanks for any help with this…

Open blender.
Resize the window.
Press CTRL-U to save over the startup file.

Now every time you open blender the window should be that size.

You can also launch it with the command line argument “-p <screen x> <screen y> <width> <height>” to run it with a specific size. I use this to make it launch with and exact size of 1280x720.

Thank you skywolfblue…it worked perfectly. And thank you also dan-r though I dob’t know if I even know how to execute a command line argument…or where I would input it on windows.

What does ctrl+u … invoke? because in blender 2.8 that shortcut doesn’t work at fixing this bs, and those working on this blenderd project still haven’t gotten a clue about providing such options, frankly programs should save window size+position on close anyway like the rest of the industry, while providing option to open at a default preference position +size is the where you set an option…

everything assbackwards in blenderf land it seems

Saving startup file doesn’t work if you have multiple monitors. It also doesn’t work correctly for a single monitor because it’s always slightly off when you re-open Blender.

Ctrl-U does not save the start-up file in 2.80.
You need to go into File / Defaults / Save Startup File