Is it worth trying to learn Blender 2.45 with the release of Blender 2.5 shortly?

Well, I think its coming shortly anyway.
My main point is, I’m currently using Blender 2.45 and starting to learn the interface. If there are going to be drastic changes to the interface is it worth waiting for 2.5? Or will the basics be pretty much the same? Also, when is 2.5 schedueled for release?
Hope I’ve posted this in the right forum. Thanks!

I don’t think they’ll be a huge interface change: shinier buttons, and more customisable, yes, plus easier to expand across two monitors, but not a huge change. people like the interface, and will want to keep it as is.

the release happening soon is 2.46, not 2.5. it’s in release canidate status so it’s in the final testing phase before being declared an official release. if you have just started learning you wont be wasting your time since you’ll still be on the basics which will be the same and not the advanced features that might get changed.

No. Don’t learn it. Don’t learn anything. Crawl back in your hole and never come out.

JUST KIDDING! Of course learn what you can now. When and if there are changes, you will be just like the other 50,000 users around the world and can help us all re-learn everything.

2.5 is still liiiightyears off. Well, not that long, but long enough. I don’t see how we could manage to have it properly finished before the end of summer (unless many of us get miraculously hired fulltime to work on it).


Mayhelp to get you familiarised.

People who know Blender well will have no problem moving to 2.5, when it does eventually come out. The interface differences will mostly be subtle, mostly be added functionality, and mostly be clear improvements, so you may as well start learning soon.

Blender is so much more than just the interface. To know blender means you need to know how to use all the tools the interface offers you. Learn how to use the tools now and with future revisions all you need to do is find the new locations of any buttons that may have been moved.

If you are just starting out in 3d modeling, by all means start now. In addition to learning the tools (which won’t change, except to improve) you’ll be learning how to work in 3d, which is a cross version, cross platform, cross software skill.

The particle system is the biggest change. It does help learning the old one too, but the new one is slightly different for its usage and a lot better.

Thanks for your advice. I used to mess around with Truespace years ago and more recently Bryce, but I never really kept it up. Was looking for something different to try 3DS, Maya, C4D etc etc, but when I heard Blender was a free program, it kind of sealed the deal. I’m surprised how good the results are for a free, open source program. Again, thanks for your help!

Yeah 2.46 is already out IF you’ve got linux or mac or Solaris(i am a mac)(look down)
It’s got a new Partice system if you’re all about that, haven’t tried Game Engine yet.The Render buttons has a new panel.The Object buttons have a wider selection (in physics),
GE looks same,Python(I’ve got know clue),and the edit panel might’ve changed a bit.So I suggest you wait for 2.46 on Windows(Unless you have L,M or S.Learn 2.45 than do 2.46 is okay(That’s what I did but I started two months ago.)So I suggest you play around with it.

you could always try going
-they have the svn’s with the new particle system :slight_smile:

I do have Linux on another system actually, unfortunately, I dont think its good enough to run Blender.

No, it’s not. There are test builds, yes, but no official releases. And, as said, has SVN builds that are very close to the official test builds.


Yes of course it is worth learning this current version of Blender. It is always worth learning something new.

Well, you can just download the latest SVN (that means subversion, right?) build from That’d be almost like having the next official release and if you start there you most likely won’t have to relearn anything later on.

Sorry if this a silly question but how do Install the SVN, and which one is the best one to download?

Sorry for posting again, but I’ve just realised that the SVNs are different versions of Blender. I think. Also, If I install these, can I run say just the standard blender 2.45 and the other builds?
Same goes for the Plumiferos build aswell. Any help appreciated!

Of course! You can’t really “Install” an SVN build from graphicall, because they’re just an archive of Blender and its dependencies.